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G20 TOUCHING MOMENTS IN IMAGES - Michelle Embraces Queen- The Debate.This week's G20 Summit appeared less stuffy than the usual meeting of world leaders..Michelle Obama's embrace of The Queen, or the Queen's embrace of  Michelle, it is a topic which will always be debated. What is however known is that protocol dictates "Don't Touch The Queen", a directive set in stoine for generations..The Palace for fear of being accused of racism towards the first African-American President of the United States of America, brushed the incident away. However there were remarks made abot the raucous behaviour of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi..But is is no doubt the appearance of President Obama, a new face; and a new era,  there was a lot of touchy and relaxed atmosphere to the G20 London Summit as are illustrated by these images_April 2009.Photos : ©Newspix International..**ALL FEES PAYABLE TO: "NEWSPIX INTERNATIONAL"**..PHOTO CREDIT MANDATORY!!: NEWSPIX INTERNATIONAL(Failure to credit will incur a surcharge of 100% of reproduction fees)..IMMEDIATE CONFIRMATION OF USAGE REQUIRED:.Newspix International, 31 Chinnery Hill, Bishop's Stortford, ENGLAND CM23 3PS.Tel:+441279 324672  ; Fax: +441279656877.Mobile:  0777568 1153.e-mail: