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Wedding of HRH the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy.Official Wedding photograph at the Grand-Ducal Palace, Luxembourg_20-10-2012.(From left front row); H.M. Queen Fabiola /H.R.H.Grand-Duke Jean /Grand-Duchess Maria Teresa / H.R.H. Crown Prince Guillaume / H.R.H. Princess Stéphanie Crown Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg / H.R.H Grand-Duke Henri / The Count de Lannoy / 2nd row - left to right : H.S.H. Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein / H.S.H Reigning Princess of Liechtenstein / H.M. Queen of Sweden / H.M. King of Norway / H.M. Queen of Norway / H.R.H. Prince Consort /   H.M. Queen of Denmark / H.M. Queen of the Netherlands / H.M. King of Belgians / H.M. Queen of Belgians / H.R.H. Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco / 3rd row - left to right : H.R.H Prince Hassan of Jordan / H.R.H. Princess Sarvath of Jordan / H.R.H. Princess of the Asturias / H.R.H. Prince of the Asturias / H.R.H. Crown Prince of Japan / H.R.H. the Countess of Wessex / H.R.H. Princess of Hanover / H.R.H Prince of Orange of the Netherlands / H.R.H. Princess Máxima of the Netherlands / 4th row - left to right : H.M. Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes / H.M. King Constantin of the Hellenes / H.R.H Crown Princess of Denmark / H.R.H Crown Prince of Denmark / H.R.H Duchess of Brabant / H.R.H Duke of Brabant / H.R.H Crown Princess of Norway / H.R.H Crown Prince of Norway / H.R.H Crown Princess of Sweden / H.R.H Prince Daniel of Sweden / H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan / 5th row - left to right :H.R.H Prince Radu of Romania / H.R.H Crown Princess of Romania / Princess Tessy / H.R.H. Prince Louis / H.R.H. Princess Alexandra / H.R.H. Prince Félix / H.R.H. Prince Sébastien / H.M. Queen Margarita of the Bulgarian / H.M. Simeon II of the Bulgarian.Mandatory credit photo: ©Grand-Ducal Court/Christian Aschman/NEWSPIX INTERNATIONAL..(Failure to credit will incur a surcharge of 100% of reproduction fees)..                **ALL FEES PAYABLE TO: "NEWSPIX INTERNATIONAL"**..IMMEDIATE CONFIRMA